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Highly Receptive, Optimized Operational Process, Full Spectrum of Business Intelligence Solutions to track and manage talent

Application Development

The development of new software applications is a key component in the quest to gain a competitive edge. So, it is absolutely imperative that the project is done right and within your budget and time requirements.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy consulting is a service provided by I3GlobalTech with its expertise in design & implementation of various types of business strategies. A strategy is a carefully considered solution to achieve a specific goal.

Quality Assurance

At I3GlobalTech Inc Quality is not just priority but it is our pride. We make it possible with our state-of-the-art Quality Assurance Testing Services that is available to our in-house projects and to our clients.

Project Management

I3GlobalTech Inc offers a set of comprehensive project management services to help customers plan and execute well-defined projects that meet specific business goals.

About I3GlobalTech Inc

I3GlobalTech Inc is a globally focused Software Development and IT services company offering industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing, and integration services through a unique on-site, off-site, offshore delivery model that helps our clients achieve rapid deployment, world-class quality and reduced costs.

Business Intelligence

Success with business intelligence requires a coordinated effort across people, processes, technology and data. Our BI CoE is comprised of skilled, experienced and high performance teams that provide insight, guidance and services in the Data Management, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing disciplines through a proven set of best practices.

The members of these teams are core competency experts within their respective discipline in one or more technology products related to BI. They work directly with client teams providing mentoring, education and the necessary knowledge transfer to empower clients with a proven, experience-based, and best practices approach.


Our Java / J2EE CoE helps clients to implement agile enterprise applications through service-oriented architecture concepts and design.

Using flexible platforms that consists of sub-frameworks, utility services and functional services, with a set of common infrastructure services that are built on top of the base J2EE Platform. Thus helping address Quality of Service requirements, incorporating industry best practices, and leveraging open source.

. Net & SharePoint Portal

With the emergence of Microsoft .NET technology as one of the robust frameworks for versatile application development, we have outlined and developed best practices for application development using this technology.

I3GlobalTech .Net & Sharepoint Portal CoE is a team of Microsoft Technology experts which promote collaboration and best practices in order to assist business adoption of solutions by establishing and governing information architecture, defining platform strategy, addressing challenges and evolving SharePoint practice/development to economize delivery of SharePoint solutions while mitigating ever increasing security, privacy, regulatory and compliance risks.

Networking & Security

I3GlobalTech has years of experience in successfully implementing advanced technology projects in Data / Voice networking solutions. Our team of highly qualified Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers knows what it takes to successfully engineer and deploy a solution that will allow the clients, stay highly competitive and increase their efficiency and productivity in the market place.

Over the years we have built strategic alliances with industry leaders in Information Technology. We can engineer your network from the ground level to high-tech level.

Managed services are a cost effective way for small and medium sized businesses to outsource their IT needs at a lower cost than hiring skilled personnel or having a huge support division.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse applications are designed primarily to support executives, senior managers, and business analysts in making complex business decisions. Data Warehouse applications provide the business community with access to accurate, consolidated information from various internal and external sources.

The Data Warehouse functions as a Decision Support System (DSS) and an Executive Information System (EIS), meaning that it supports informational and analytical needs by providing integrated and transformed enterprise-wide historical data from which to do management analysis.


I3GlobalTech has a proven track record and expertise in configuring, implementing, developing, upgrading, hosting and supporting the full suite of Oracle Enterprise modules.

I3GlobalTech has a proven track record and expertise in configuring, implementing, developing, upgrading, hosting and supporting the full suite of SAP R/3 and SAP modules.

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