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Staffing - Recruitment Process


  • Personal Recommendations
  • Own Data Base
  • Employee referral program
  • Job boards
  • School career service offices
  • Specialized career fairs
  • Alternative online sources
  • Partners

Initial Screening

  • Years of significant experience
  • Assessment of technical skill sets.
  • Relevance of previous clients / projects
  • Roles performed in previous assignments
  • Stated English communication skills
  • Education, certification, training and other credentials

Interview Process

Technical Interview & English Evaluation

Final Interview & Reference Checks

  • If candidate is approved, the final interview takes place, where we are able to determine the candidate’s adequacy for each position
  • Get at least three references from the past projects.
  • Verify all the references – to decide whether to proceed or not.

Job Offer

  • Job offers are present to candidates including a detailed list of benefits,.
  • Candidates are given up to two weeks to analyze and respond
  • Once accepted and a start date is agreed upon, he/she is presented as available.


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