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We value long-term professional association with our team members. We feel proud to say always that our team is our strength. In order to stimulate, motivate, encourage and retain good people, as well as to assure the best possible value to the Clients, it is essential to constantly upgrade employee skills and knowledge through formalized training programs.

There is a long training calendar prepared in accordance with Technical and HR Managers proactive plans and to gear up for future technologies. The basic objective is to continuously broaden and improve an individual’s knowledge in specific skill-set. I3GlobalTech encourages and supports on-going professional and personal development, offers a wide variety of programs that can enhance the current job performance as well as prepare you for a wider variety of opportunities. The Mentors are the Senior Professionals of I3GlobalTech and few external Techno-Specialists will be invited as and when required. The topics vary from formal concepts to specialized skill updation as per the calendar and ad-hoc needs.

I3GlobalTech does not believe in seniority. People become leaders not by their time spent or length of experience but by their creativity, out of box thinking and leadership qualities.

The initial training is extensively designed for new hires to prepare them for their first assignment. Our Intern program offers a unique opportunity to learn about the industry. As an Intern, you will experience what it is like to be a full-time consultant working at client site. Interns will have the opportunity to work on one or more engagements, under the supervision of a Team Lead, who will provide direction on the development of work and act as a subject matter expert.

In parallel, all candidates will be provided structured cultural and organizational training. These sessions include key topics such as ‘Supplier Intelligence’, ‘Organizational Re-engineering’, ‘Benchmarking studies’, ‘Client case studies’ and many more. From time to time, the Training Division prepares ad-hoc sessions and prepares our internal list of participants – though every member is open to attend. These sessions may include ‘on-the-job training’ as per the requirement.

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