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About I3GlobalTech Inc

I3GlobalTech Inc is a globally focused Software Development and IT services company offering industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing, and integration services through a unique on-site, off-site, offshore delivery model that helps our clients achieve rapid deployment, world-class quality and reduced costs.

We develop, deliver and support enterprise wide IT solutions to our customers. We employ the best people, practices and methodologies supported by a flexible delivery model, to provide strategic IT solutions and render value added services that help clients respond quickly to their business opportunities.

Areas of expertise:

We leverage the expertise of our people and processes, combine it with the technology and offer solutions and services in QA Automation, Quality Assurance, e-Business solutions, ERP (Implementation and post Implementation support), CRM, web services, Internet Security, Data Warehousing and Remote Database Administration services with experience in complete product life cycle development and management.

What do we offer:

We strive to provide highly effective IT consulting and software solutions to organizations ranging from small, medium and Fortune 500 companies worldwide and to set the benchmark for value, quality, and speed in the IT marketplace.

We treat our customers as partners which help us understand their business processes and requirements better, thereby leading to result-oriented and practical solutions. Success is ensured through a highly motivated team with a flat organizational structure, guided by an inspired leadership, which assumes complete responsibility for customer projects and protect their Intellectual Property Assets.

Most importantly, we offer a wide range of strategic delivery models designed to give our clients the most flexible, affordable options for improving their core IT applications and their essential business processes.

Quality Policy:

In the highly competitive and dynamic software business, the key to success lies in improving software quality, enhancing efficiencies and reducing costs on a continuous basis. Our quality policy focuses on these key factors in order to achieve mission-critical business goals.

We achieve excellence in quality through continuous process improvement to deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations, on-time and within budget. In doing this, we set quantifiable quality benchmarks enable us to isolate pain-points, assist in identifying ways and means of improving your processes and in adoption of best practices.

Our Quality standards have been designed not only to eliminate defects but also the root causes of defects in business processes in order to work towards greater efficiency, productivity and accuracy. In addition, we have comprehensive Knowledge Management solution implemented across the organization for maximizing investments on information.


Value is defined by more than a price tag, it's also a matter of trust. Our commitment to service is our promise to meet or exceed expectations everyday and in every engagement.

We believe that creativity, Technology and People are our guiding strengths. Creativity powers the world ahead whether in the arena of business, communications or education. Technology is the backbone of the modern world and the wheels of mankind’s progress. Our Motivated people make things happen for the mankind.


I3GlobalTech Inc Consulting is your catalyst to achieve your business and technology goals in this complex environment. We aspire to be partners of your success. We help you making IT working for Business and Compliance

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